Welcome to The Icehouse

Bringing New Orleans style shaved ice to Southwest Michigan!


DIY Snoballs

Featuring the do-it-yourself "FLAVOR ZONE" with 8 amazing flavors, customers can add as much and as many flavors as they want.

Flavors include:


Blue Raspberry

Georgia Peach





Tiger's Blood

Stuffed Snoballs

For those who want an extra treat, add a scoop of ice cream to the middle of your snoball!  You won't regret it!


Several toppings can also be added to make a special concoction.

Toppings include:


Chocolate Syrup

Sour Gummy Worms

Sour Spray

Sweetened Condensed Milk

About Us

The Owner

Originally from the coast of Mississippi, but spending most of his life in Tennessee, Blake met a Michigan girl at college and could only keep her away from home for so long.  The Icehouse was formed in the spring of 2018 in St. Joseph, Michigan, but has been in the making for several years.

The Family Business

Blake's family got into the shaved ice business a little over 10 years ago and since then, it has moved a couple of times and evolved into The Icehouse you see today.

The Reason

Of course, we love shaved ice and love to see smiling faces when kids (and older kids) get to pour their own flavors on a mound of sno, but the reason goes a little deeper.  Blake's passion is to see his own kids grow up to be mature and engaging members of our society. He believes that our culture has lost some of that with so many fathers leaving or just not spending enough time with their kids.  His goal is to have a small family business that he and his family can enjoy together for years to come.  And hopefully our customers will enjoy it, too!

Parties and Events

Have the Icehouse cater your next event!


Church Celebrations

Company Picnics

Graduation Parties

School Events


Please call or email for a quote!  It can be as elaborate as you want, including toppings, stuffed snoballs and even specialty non-alcoholic cocktail flavors, or as basic as our normal 8 flavors. We can cater to just about any size event with multiple machines and flavor zones.  Just let us know what you need!

Where to find us

Visit us @ the Beach!

We have a permanent location this summer at Weko Beach in Bridgman, MI, starting Memorial Day weekend!  We will also be catering different parties and events, so follow us on social media to find out how close we'll be.

The Icehouse

WEKO BEACH PARK, Lake Street, Bridgman, MI, USA

(269) 235-1639